Membership to the Home Care Association of Colorado has become increasingly important for learning about the most recent and upcoming changes happening in the home care industry, on both the state and national circuit. HCAC will help you stay in-tune with with these changes and provide guidance to help your agency remain fiscally viable.

By joining HCAC, you’ll ensure that your agency is positioned to have access to advocacy on key issues affecting home care. Additionally, HCAC will provide opportunities to participate in educational offerings and to have access to a repository of Best Practice resources for members that will allow you to better serve your clients and your organization, adding to and ensuring your agency’s success.

Each home care provider joining HCAC has just one membership in HCAC. This membership will include all locations that the company operates in Colorado. Each location will receive membership benefits such as electronic communications, a free listing on HCAC's new consumer website, Colorado Care at Home, access to the members-only resources on the website, discounted continuing education, convention and other event registrations, eligibility to serve on councils, task forces and board of directors, eligibility to attend regional forum meetings and group discount buying programs.

Dues that the home care provider pays are based on actual gross client care revenue for all locations received at all Colorado locations from all sources for all services and products (skilled home health; skilled long hour; unskilled home care; hospice; HME; infusion; oxygen; other) provided in the place of residence to persons who have health-related needs during the company’s most recent fiscal year. This includes both hourly and per visit billings, and includes but is not limited to Medicaid, Medicare, private pay, commercial insurance, managed care contracts, and patient co-payment. It does not include in-kind amounts recorded.

HCAC has two separate dues structures depending on reimbursement:

  1. For providers that are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Affairs, workers comp, commercial insurance, long-term-care-insurance, private pay and other here to see the dues worksheet.

  1. For providers that are reimbursed 100% by consumers paying directly (out-of-pocket) or by their long term care insurance policy for their home care here to see the dues worksheet.


Payments to the Home Care Association of Colorado are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. HCAC dues are an allowable cost in the Medicare Cost Report. In 2016 you may only deduct 55% as an ordinary and necessary business expense for federal income tax purposes. Tax ID # 84-6085778.

Allied Membership (organizations who provide goods or services to providers)

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