Member Provider - Private Pay Membership

**Membership Terms are January 1 - December 31**


For home care and hospice providers that are reimbursed 100 percent by consumers paying directly (out-of-pocket) or via their long term care insurance policy for their home care services. A company that provides health-related services and products in the place of residence to persons who have health-related needs, thereby affording a continuum of comprehensive client care.

Dues are based on gross client revenue (all Colorado locations) for the organization’s most recent fiscal year.

All organizations will fall within the following levels or tiers for dues payment (minimum Dues is $510); You may pay online by credit card or send in a check.

  • Tier 1: Revenues up to $250,000: $510
  • Tier 2: Revenues from $250,001-$500,000: $663
  • Tier 3: Revenues from $500,001-$1,000,000: $765
  • Tier 4: Revenues from $1,000,001-$2,000,000: $1,275
  • Tier 5: Revenues from $2,000,001-$5,000,000: $1,785
  • Tier 6: Revenues from $5,000,001-$10,000,000: $2,295
  • Tier 7: Revenues from of $10,000,000: $2,805
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