Danny Manzanares

Danny is representing Argus Home Health in the Southeast District. 

When I first accepted the position with Argus, I was a single father, raised three teenage boys using the discipline I received in law enforcement; took care of my family as well as studying/striving to be the best I could be for Argus, now I am their Administrator for four agencies; Law Enforcement taught me professionalism and ethics; my family taught me love and compassion as well as compromise; Argus taught me to have a greater respect for understanding client’s individual needs; compassion in Customer Service, Assisting, Caring, Respect and the Commitment to the Aging Population, as well as the Disabled, Underprivileged, who rely upon our assistance and professionalism; Argus also afforded me a Team of Multi disciplines who have become my work family.

I have developed a “Working Relationship” with Department of Human Services Administrators/Supervisors, Other Administrators of Agencies, and Service Vendor’s that Service the “Eastern Plains” through my involvement with ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) that I was elected as President of Region (6). I would like the opportunity to represent the rural areas of Colorado. In my opinion I feel the greater populated areas are represented very well, but “Rural America” is not taken in to consideration, just as recently the “State’s” decision on “Travel Time”, this change will affect how rural town’s will be staffed, other concerns for that area has been “Meals on Wheels, Transportation, DME Vendors, Etc.”


What are the major issues facing the home care & hospice industry?
  • Our Services provided are predominately Medicaid, due to budget cuts, and reimbursement, staffing continues to be our biggest issue. With the removal of "Travel Time", this will effect Client's that are residing in limited geographic area's, as Staff will not travel 30-40 miles to assist in care needed.


What qualities do you have which would help contribute to the vision of HHAC?
  • My "Working Relationship" with Case Managers, Supervisors, other Service Providers throughout Colorado. My understanding of Rules and Regulations have granted our Agencies "Zero Deficiencies" over the last 5 State Audits.