Alik Kassner 

Alik is representing Alpine Homecare, LLC in the Denver Metro District.

Why are you interested in serving as a HHAC director?
The home care industry is faced with a great many challenges in the near future (EVV, billing system, min. wage increases, increasing regulatory burden, low rate increases, challenges to Medicaid, etc). The HHAC has done a great job in helping its members to manage and/or get prepared for these challenges. I would like to help in these endeavors and strengthen the representation of especially Class B agencies, which appear to me at times to be somewhat underrepresented.

What are the major issues facing the home care industry?

  • Introduction of EVV
  • Mandatory min. wage Increases in Colorado
  • Questionable future Medicaid rate increases (to match min wage increases)
  • Shortage of qualified caregivers
  • Training and retaining caregivers
  • Buggy reimbursement system (DXC)
  • Increasing regulatory burden
  • Future of Medicaid funding
What are my qualities which would help me contribute to the vision of HHAC?
  • Experienced, high integrity individual with strong analytical background in business, economics, finance and home care.
  • Ability to quickly grasp complex issues and come up with recommendations/a course of action (as, I believe, demonstrated especially as a member of the rates/billing and EVV groups).
  • Solid IT experience (Servers, Software (EVV, Billing, Accounting, Microsoft)